Using Bank Transfer For Online Casino Payments

Bank transfer is one of the safest deposit methods at online casinos. If you want to start a completely secure gambling experience, just choose bank transfer and start playing. For more details, read on the next article.

How to deposit via Bank transfer?

If you wonder how to make a deposit at the bank transfer casino for Kiwis, make sure to follow the next steps.
  • Head to the payment page and choose bank transfer.
  • Choose your bank.
  • Login to the online banking account.
  • Verify payment to online casino.
  • Wait 3-5 days to receive funds on casino account.
  • Start playing.

How to cash out to bank account?

To withdraw your winnings, follow the next steps:
  • Head out to cash out page.
  • Choose bank transfer.
  • Select your bank.
  • To complete withdrawal, follow the instructions.
  • Count on 3-5 days waiting time.

Security of Bank transfer

Bank account holders have a personal identity that prevents fraudulent payments. Wire transfer information is additionally protected with encryption technology. Bank transfer is safer than other online payment forms giving that your information should be inputted only once (when creating your profile). It reduces the risk of potential fraud.

Bank Transfer Benefits

If you use bank transfer at online casinos, you can take advantage of multiple benefits:
  • Multi-encryption layer with enhances the level of security.
  • Bank transfer can be utilized both for deposits and withdrawals.
  • People trust more in the bank transfer.
  • In case of issues, bank provides you with full customer support.

Payment Charges at Online Casinos

Banks usually collect transaction fees from both the sender and recipient. Before finishing a bank transfer, make sure to check the amount of processing fees. These amounts differ depending on the bank and country. For example, the European Union has unified regulation and prescribes the same level of charges for bank transfers within the EU.

How to use a bank transfer?

Wire transfer has been accepted as a traditional payment method at online casinos. Over the previous years, wire transfer has been replaced with Electronic Funds Transfer. From now on, you can make simple transfers from smartphones via banking apps. Make sure to download the mobile app of your bank to make instant payments. Just download it to your mobile, sign in with login details and complete the verification process.


As you can conclude, bank transfer is one of the most useful services at online casinos. It provides the utmost security together with quick transactions. For all these reasons, bank transfer is more than recommended.