How The Casino Industry Was Evolving in New Zealand

New Zealand has a long history with the casino industry that dates back to the early 19th century. Over the following decades, betting became very popular all over the country. Gambling itself, however, was still considered illegal until 1908. This is when New Zealand signed the Gambling Act which decriminalized the activity.
A major factor that had a big impact on how people were exposed to casino games were the British Commission. The European settlers were responsible for exposing the bulk of the New Zealand population to some form of gambling and casino games, this was due to the fact that betting was a past time of the British. To this day lots of luxury and fabulous land-based casinos located in New Zealand remains very popular among the people all over the world.

Gambling Laws in New Zealand

The kiwi casino industry became a lot more formal and fair once the law that regulated operators was put in place. The primary goal of the law was to ensure the protection of players at all times.
The government made sure that proper casino regulation was not optional. This means that an external body would license, regulate, and monitor gambling organizations constantly. This helped make players feel better about wagering their hard-earned money.

Land-based casinos in New Zealand

The land-based casinos in New Zealand date back to the mid-90s, with the first to have opened its doors being Christchurch casino. The physical games operator, which is still open today, has gained a good reputation for a mix of people and overall excellent service.
Besides Christchurch, there are 4 other casinos in New Zealand. Dunedin casino is a unique one, having been establish in an existing victorian era hotel. The original structure of the casino was build in 1883, making it a lot more than just a casino.
In addition, there is also the Skycity group of casinos. The group has 2 betting facilities based in Queenstown, along with another in Auckland. These casinos have gained a reputation for providing good gambling as well as good entertainment. Besides the casino, players can also find restaurants, theatres, and hotels within the facilities.


In conclusion, If you have ever wanted to check out some of the physical casinos in New Zealand now is a good time to try. Even though there are only 5, there is enough of a variety for most people. Whether you want the old fashioned casino or the newer all in one casinos that are more like malls, there is something for everyone in New Zealand.